Kids Speed & Agility Training

Fight Sports has sought after two of the top certified speed and strength coaches in the Metroplex! With over 20 years of combined collegiate and private coaching experience you’ll have the confidence to know that your athlete is in the hands of professionals in the discipline.

Athletes know that in nearly every sport, speed, agility and quickness are coveted by coaches and scouts at every level. All of our programs start with the foundational concept that Speed, Agility and quickness are vital for the building of each player’s future, success, and well-being within his or her sport. We go to great lengths to develop our entire program to be not only age and sport-specific, but safe and beneficial to all of our athletes.

Our program is designed to help each player attain a level of coordination, body awareness, speed and control to adapt to the demands of his or her sport. We WILL improve the athleticism of each player that participates in our program. Our Speed and Agility Coaches have designed their programs based on scientific research and over 20 years of coaching athletes from youth all the way up to the professional levels for years.

Speed training programs should ideally start at a young age. Science has proven that ages 7 to 11 are the most critical years in a child’s life for motor skill development. Drills for adolescent athletes focus on developing the correct mechanics and muscle memory required for quick sprints. Everything from posture to arm movements should be practiced and repeated to increase fleetness and reduce injury.

The speed and agility training Program has been proven to enhance:
• Coordination
• Running Technique
• Strength
• First Step Quickness (Speed)
• Flexibility (Agility)
• Injury Prevention
• Self Confidence

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